Smokey Bear

Smokey Bear_0155


While camping this summer with friends, the Forest Rangers gave the kids in the group material about fire safety. What memories this comic book brought back when I saw it on the picnic table.

“Oh, look Mom,” I said drawing her attention to The True Story of Smokey Bear. “I’ve got one of these. Twenty years later and they are still passing out the same book!”

As soon as the words slipped out of my mouth, I could not believe I’d said them. It was the truth though. I was less than 10 years old when the Rangers gave me the book and warned me, “Only you can prevent forest fires.” Now, I’m in my late twenties.

Despite my initial feeling of shock that I could honestly say such a thing, it brought back happy memories of camping. Then I got a little nostalgic. It brought back memories of touring around the Northwest camping one summer with my uncle, aunt and cousin. It brought back memories of camping at Yellowstone and along the coast of Maine, both with the same aunt and uncle. Then all the memories of church camping at Fort Stevens and car camping with dad near the Alvord Desert jumped off the shelves of my archived memories. Boy did I go down Memory Lane.

I hope your experiences this summer are as rewarding as mine have been. I hope also that you are making adventure memories that will come to mind twenty years later and make you smile!


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