Roger’s Landing. Newberg, OR

Isn’t it fun when you stumble on a place, and it turns out to be a surprisingly good spot? That is how my sister and I felt about Roger’s Landing in Newberg, OR.

For various reasons we drive to and through Newberg several times a month. Often as I drive 99W down into Newberg I have noticed the mist and low clouds in valley area. For years we had noticed the signs advertising the Memorial Day boat races and had wondered where they took place, but had not taken the time to find out until recently. On a whim, my sister and I hung a left off 99W/ OR219 down River Street, then left again on NE Rogers Landing Road and drove to the end where we found ourselves at Roger’s Landing and the Willamette River. All of a sudden my ponderings about the mist cover were answered – it came from Newberg being along the river!

This past Mother’s Day when our mom requested a picnic, my sister and I had the perfect opportunity to pull Roger’s Landing out and share it with the rest of our family.

Here are a few photos of the spot. As you can see, there is plenty of room for boats to be parked and launched.

Newberg Roger's Landing2

Roger's Landing3

Roger's Landing5

Roger's Landing4

Roger's Landing1

By the way, the Memorial Day Boat races are up coming. The signs promise a good time.

Roger's Landing6


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