Prep List Part 1

Since I like lists, I thought I might share a list of what I pack in preparation for planned adventures.

Allow me to warn you though, when I pack for adventures, of any length, I often over pack. This means that I am usually the most prepared, but also the most heavy-laden. It’s embarrassing, and I’m working on lightening up. That said, please don’t be overwhelmed if my two-part list seems excessive! Also, please note that I don’t bring all of this stuff on every adventure either!

Printed Mapquest or Triptick directions

(I don’t have a gps, on my phone or otherwise, so I do print turn by turn directions. I read them beforehand and have my co-pilot use them to direct me.)

A real paper map

(I use Rand McNally or the free glove-box ones from AAA. I have gotten lost and Mapquest has let me down. This is where having and understanding a printed map has helped me navigate home.)


(In addition to any anticipated park or parking fees, food or activity costs, I try to bring enough to fill my gas tank, just in case…).


(Depending on the adventure, this might just be my cell-phone camera. Usually it isn’t. Usually it’s a digital camera –but it just might be an old film camera, if it happens to be an artsy photo-shoot.)

Appropriate clothes

(I love hoodies, especially when they’re super new and bunny soft inside, or aged perfectly and giving off the ‘been-there-done-that’ air. I also tend to pack my swimsuit and towel along, at least during the summer months. A part from that, layers. Layers are always good. A spare pair of dry clean socks and shoes is beneficial.)


(While I love to eat on the road and some adventures call for a large hot cup of local brew, sometimes snacky foods like salted soy-nuts, dry cereal or carrot sticks is enough to satisfy. If you’re satisfied, you then have a bit more money and maybe just enough for a new hoodie!)


(I live in the Pacific Northwest. You bring your water bottle everywhere. Simply everywhere. Especially while adventuring. Otherwise you can’t fit in. Nalgene or some other eco-friendly re-usable water bottle is preferred. Plus, it’s good to stay hydrated, and I do drink a lot of water.)


(Some friends gave me a denim quilt made from old jeans. It’s pretty neat and functional. It’s medium heavy and easy to clean. I keep it in my car, just ready for its many uses. In July, I used it for a picnic blanket while waiting for darkness to set in and then used it for added warmth as I watched fireworks explode.)



AAA card

(Yes, I have a good old Triple-A membership. I will keep it for life. Thanks to timing belts and clutches, I have met many kind tow-truck-men through AAA during life adventures.)

Just-in-case Packet

(This small zippered pouch has a couple band aids, travel size toothbrush and paste, dental floss, ibuprophen, hair bands, bobby pin, safety pin, cough drops…etc. It’s often in my bag or in my backpack.)

Next week – the list will be continued with a part 2! Including things like, Pocket Knife, Paper & Pen/Pencil and Chap stick…


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