Prep List Part 2

Here is the long awaited part 2 of my pack list for prepared adventures.

Allow me to warn again you, when I pack for any length adventures, I do over pack. So, again I ask you, please don’t be overwhelmed if this list seems excessive! And again, please remember that I don’t bring all of this stuff on every adventure!

Pocket Knife

(My advice is to keep it sharp. Even if you don’t keep it sharp, at least have it on you because having it is more useful than not. I usually carry at least one, but sometimes I’ll find several in my bag.)


(If you’re driving down the Interstate and your driver gets into a heated argument with another passenger, it is best if you have something to keep you entertained and quiet because it’s then best if all conversation stops for awhile. That is my experience at least.)

Paper & Pen/Pencil

(Good for all sorts of situations like jotting down directions from a local as he rattles off obscure directions to find a little know local spot that’s just down an unmarked road down from a small unmarked parking area just a little ways before you get to the second bridge…)


(Because I like gum.)

Chap stick

(Because sometimes my lips need it. If it has SPF, it doubles as an only slightly greasy sunblock for your whole face if you by chance forget real sunblock when skiing.)


(To the car. Or bike lock. Or the house. I really don’t like extending my adventures because I’ve locked myself out of something, though I do have good memories of consuming Slurpies while sitting on the curb waiting for the good ol’ Triple-A pop-a-lock guy to come and break into our car.)

Wallet with ID

(Just a good idea.)

Hat &/or sunglasses

(Both make life just more comfortable.)

Prescription glasses

(Seriously, you don’t and I don’t want me driving at night without them.)

Hand disinfectant

(In the words of Mr. Monk, “It’s a jungle out there.” So, bring hand disinfectant.)

Sunscreen lotion

(You don’t want to improvise with SPF chap stick all the time.)

Plastic bags

(So I like to eat at Taco Bell. They give you your burritos in little plastic bags. I keep them in the car, because they are very handy. They are handy when you decide the mud really can’t be that deep, and it’s a shorter way to the store, and you find out that the mud really can be that deep, and you find yourself sinking into it, and your clogs end up staying in the mud as you pull your feet out. In this kind of situation, little plastic bags are very, very helpful.)


(From wiping burrito beans off your lips to blowing your nose to wiping the fog off the window – tissues, tissues, tissues. In a pinch, rough brown Taco Bell napkins will work, so I keep those around too.)


(Sometimes you hit the library and you need to save a word document. Sometimes you’re at your friend’s house they want to give you photos of your day.)

There you go! That is my basic list of what I pack and tote along on a planned adventure!


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