Matsqui Trail Regional Park. Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada

“Explore a narrow earthen ribbon protecting rich agricultural land from the unpredictable currents and water levels of the Fraser River…,” so says the front of the park brochure.

Matsqui Trail

Matsqui Trail

Goodness. I am not even sure I should share this spot. I hesitate because I really have barely been there.  I’m posting because I did enjoy the brief interlude that was my visit.

Matsqui Trail Park

Matsqui Trail Park – hiking trail

While running errands and visiting people in Bellingham and up into Canada, my dad and I took a detour and stumbled on the Matsqui Trail Regional Park.  It is a 13.6 km (8.16 miles) shared trail along the Fraser River. We stopped at the Page Road Trailhead, wandered a very short distance along the hiking trail there and paused to take a selfie with river.

Fraser River, Canada

Fraser River, Canada

We then drove, yes drove, to the Mission Bridge section, which is 6.5 km (3.9 miles) from Page Road. There we stopped (and stayed in the car) long enough to watch a tug pull a barge under the bridge.

Tug, tug, tug little tug boat

  Tug, tug, tug little tug boat

Keep tugging little tug boat!

Keep tugging little tug boat!

According to the very informative brochure I picked up at the trailhead, the Matsqui Trail is a part of the Trans Canada Trail, “which links communities and recreation corridors across the nation.”


Both spots along the Matsqui Trail were very scenic. Hopefully I’ll be able to go back again sometime.


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