Float Fairies of Lincoln City, Oregon

As promised, here are the tips I gleaned while talking with the staff at the Lincoln City Visitor Center!

1) Float Fairies belong to a secret group. They swear to secrecy and won’t even tell their friends. After 15 plus-years of successfully keeping the membership roster mum – don’t bother trying to figure out who the Fairies are!

2) Floats are all sizes. Some are fist size. Others are softball size, while still others are small enough to fit in a child’s palm.

3) The Fairies put the floats where they will be found easily. They say they are often found in nests of grass or seaweed or cradled in driftwood. One person found a float nestled in with several bulbs of seaweed – the kind of long seaweed resembling a whip.

4) They also don’t place them in the cliffs where you would have to climb to reach them or venture on private property.

5) It is suggested that looking like a “tourist” helps, especially if a Fairy is casing the area to place a float in your path.

6) Relax as you search. Some people have had floats just roll across their paths.

7) Fairies don’t put floats out at night, during storms or high tides.

8) The floats are put out at all other hours of the day.

9) The Visitor Center staff says that of the reported findings, most are found at Taft Beach and Road’s End Beach. Not as many are found in the miles of beach in between.

I highly recommend stopping in and looking around the Visitor Center. Do the Coast some good and collect that bag of trash. Then dispose of it properly and stop in at the Visitor Center. Besides free Tide Tables and hotel information, the art displays and memorabilia are worth a perusal. Besides the staff there are some of the nicest I’ve met, and I’ve stopped at many visitor information centers.

Lincoln City Visitor Center, located in the Cultural Center
540 NE Hwy 101
800-452-2151 or 541-996-1274


2 responses to “Float Fairies of Lincoln City, Oregon”

  1. Jo says :

    I have lived here over eight years now and I have not yet found a float, I go look all the time, I even pick up trash on the beach with my boyfriend and we never get called about winning a float. I have never seen anyone taking a float off the beach either, what I have noticed is that two people I knew here were float fairies and their window seals were full of glass floats. So why should I bother with any of it?

    • HereAlive says :

      I’m sorry you haven’t found a float yet! That must be discouraging. It’s good to hear the reality – thank you for sharing. Most of my information came from people who were promoting the tourist event.

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