Sandy River Delta Park (AKA 1000 Acre Dog Park)

With a name like the 1,000 Acres Park, what can you expect? Happy dogs. You can expect to see happy dogs – like everywhere.


I think it was two dogs to a person…

This past Friday my friend invited me to go with her and her dog Sam to the 1,000 Acre Park, an amazing off-leash park in Troutdale, OR. Before we even arrived in the park, I knew it was a good place. As we pulled off the highway and drove into the park, Sam got really happy. Each time I’ve met up with them, he has always been good-natured, but as we approached the park his ears perked up, his eyes brightened and his tail began wagging. His excitement was contagious as he eagerly looked out the window!


Now, Friday is a weekday, right? It’s usually considered a workday, yes? The number of cars parked there seemed to indicate otherwise. The spots reserved for RVs and trailers each had two cars! As the lot was full, we ended up parking along the road outside the parking lot. I can only imagine how difficult it would be to find parking later during the weekend.


A beautiful sunny day, approaching 90 degrees, it was a good day to take a big loop around the park. I was pleased to discover that the park is as large as the name implies. Despite the crowed parking lot, the park itself was not crowded. We met up with clusters of people and dogs, especially along the soft sandy banks of the rivers, but there was plenty of space. Everyone and especially every dog we met seemed to be in good spirits and enjoying the day.


Cool water and soft sand

Located along the Sandy River delta, edges of the park meet both the Sandy River and the Columbia. The park has open spaces as well as forested areas, and the paths were mostly hard packed dirt. If you’re under time constraints or nervous about exploring the great outdoors, be aware that there weren’t many signs, and the routes and paths seem up for self-discovery.


With space to run and lots of other off-leash dogs to run with, Sam only paused long enough to either smell another dog or investigate an interesting smell. By time we got back to the car, he was still a very happy dog, but slowing down just a bit. I’ve decided that if I get really blue, I am coming straight to this park. There is no way you can watch so many happy dogs chasing each other, zooming through peoples’ legs and diving into rivers after sticks and not at least smile.


Okay. Glad I could finally share this location –  filing my 2015 taxes took precedent. Yes, I put it off until this week. Unlike this park, taxes don’t make me happy.

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