Travel Oregon

When your friends or family come visit our wonderful state of Oregon – where do they want to go, or where do you want to take ’em? When you finally decide to vacation in Oregon, what do you want to see? When you’ve lived your entire life in Oregon and get adventurous, where do you want to explore?

For travel in Oregon, there are the favorite go-to spots: Multnomah Falls, Mount Hood and Timberline Lodge, Seaside and naturally, Crater Lake. Once you have hit those places, where do you go? With a rain forest, a desert, a prairie, an award winning hipster city, a completely free public access coast and two mountain ranges, there are many Oregon wonders to discover! Here are six I highly recommend.

1) Astoria
With a span of 1,232 feet (376m. – almost a quarter of a mile), the Astoria-Megler Bridge is the world’s longest continuous truss bridge. If you’ve ever wanted to walk or run the 50-year old bridge,October 16th is your opportunity this year. Annually the city closes the bridge to cars and opens it to walkers and runners.


The darker sand in the photo on the right is magnetic.

2) Fort Stevens State Park
While at PCC I took Oceanography, complete with a required science project. In passing our professor mentioned magnetic sand on the Oregon Coast. I took that and ran with it. It turns out that yes, near and along the Columbia River (not far west of Astoria) where the river meets the Pacific Ocean, there are patches of black magnetic sand.

2) Pendleton
One of Eastern Oregon’s largest cities and quintessentially Old West, Pendleton bustles as a hub in north-east corner of the state. One of rodeo’s oldest and much-loved events, the annual Pendleton Roundup held the second full week of September, draws visitors and competitors from across America. The Pendleton Roundup is known for having one of the sport’s largest arenas, and not only is it uniquely large, but it is also uniquely a grass arena. Let ‘er Buck!

3) Steens Mountain area
Steens Mountain rises up above the ridges and hills of the southeastern desert region. At 9,700 feet high, it seems perpetually covered in snow.
When I was a kid, the Alvord Hot Springs below the Mountain were free. It’s been awhile since those days, and I’ve heard the owners have capitalized on its popularity. In the area there is also the Alvord Desert, a dry desolate ancient lake spreads out about five by ten miles; it is great fun to drive on! While I have not hiked the area, I’ve heard about the trails and Alvord Lake. I also understand mustang bands roam the area. These attractions keep Steens Mountain on my further exploration list.

4) Powell’s Bookstore in Portland (and the smaller branch in Beaverton)
The largest independent bookseller in America, Powell’s City of Books was the pioneer in selling new and used side by side. With new titles as well as old, book buying has never been so much fun.

Ask any book-loving Portlander about this bookstore that takes up one full city block, and you are likely to hear a story. One of my friend’s first dates with her now husband were at Powell’s. Another friend exchanges wallets with her husband to fortify their weakened power and resist buying another good book. For me, this was the go to place each term of college and university semester. I’d compare the recommended newest edition with the older ones sitting next to it; Powell’s saved me money.


Upper North Falls

5) Silver Falls State Park 
The State Park in Silverton has an easy walking loop taking you by 10 different falls. The paved trail gets you close, even behind, some gorgeous waterfalls. However, to get in the water you need to drive over to lesser-accessed walk – to the Upper North Falls. A short walk from the parking area gets you right to falls. There the rocky edge is usually shallow enough for wading out a little ways before any drop in depth. Once in, relax as you are in a real rustic swimming hole – Pacific Northwest style.

Happy Trails!


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