It’s a good life

Well, here it is, one week and a day from the new year. Along with writing this blog, I keep a personal open-ended list of “ah-ha” zingers and epiphanies. I list little thoughts or ideas that occur to me – things I want to remember in relation to this blog. Some of them are ideas for future entries, while others are more moment-realization-type thoughts. They aren’t exactly profound or necessarily uniquely insightful epiphanies, but for me, reading them later helps me keep perspective and not get lost. They help me see where I am and not forget where I was or have been.

Yesterday I felt a little down and a bit frustrated with my current situation. Lately my days have been focused on job searching, family challenges, holiday preparations and getting over a nasty cold; I haven’t gotten out much, seen many friends or taken my camera out for anything this month. As I was dourly contemplating my life, I paused to read my list.

I have been to some beautiful places.
I have seen some truly lovely days.
I have experienced some serene moments.
I have experienced a good life.
Looking back over the places I have featured, reflecting on my travels, makes me grateful that God has given me those moments. How easy I forget what a good life I have. Despite the rainy, day-in day-out humdrum days, I get opportunities to experience a wonderful life, if I choose to see it.

The reminder discovered from over-a-year-ago-me encouraged me. So far I have had a good life. I expect it will continue to be good, if I choose to have a good life. I hope you are choosing a good life and are doing things that help you remember the good in your world.

As this is most likely my last post of the year, I’ll leave sharing one a few of my favorite photos from this past year.

Merry Christmas! Peace on earth and good will toward all! Happy New Year!


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