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Portland Bridge Tour & Willamette River

After reading about the Willamette Waterfront bridge tour loop in Laura Foster’s book Walk There! 50 treks in and around Portland and Vancouver, four friends and I decided to take the jaunt.

Once in Portland, Oregon we parked about 2nd and Morrison SW Morrison Street. The street parking is pretty safe in Portland, but don’t leave valuables sitting in view anyway. If my short-term memory serves me correctly, the fee was $2 an hour and free after 7 p.m.


Looking back at the Hawthorne bridge

Starting out at the Tom McCall Waterfront Park, between the Hawthorn and the Morrison bridges, we headed north. The 2.6 mile walk took us under the Morrison and Burnside bridges. As we passed under the Burnside Bridge we caught a glimpse of the art market being packed up. If we had thought of it earlier, it might have been fun to go there first, but we were late in the day. Another adventure awaits…


Morrison Bridge

Approaching the Steel Bridge we were lucky to see that a boat was also arriving about the same time we were. That meant we saw the suspension train tracks rise to allow the boat to pass through. I had never seen that. The section of train tracks horizontally rose up and then there was the gap for the boat to pass through.


Steel Bridge

We chose to cross the Steel Bridge on the upper level – the sidewalk along side the car traffic. There is also the option to cross on the bike/pedestrian path on the lower deck along side the train tracks. We then headed south along the Vera Katz Eastbank Esplanade. Again we passed under the Burnside and Morrison bridges before crossing over the Hawthorne Bridge.

After our walk along the river in the Portland drizzle, we certainly were hungry! So, we went to Escape From New York Pizza. Yum!


Escape From New York Pizza



Depoe Bay, Oregon

Over the Easter weekend I stayed a few nights in Depoe Bay, Oregon with my family. While Depoe Bay does not have the lovely beaches of neighboring Lincoln City, the ocean front town and its piece of the coast is still beautiful. The ever-changing weather of the Oregon Coast made this a gorgeous experience. And naturally, I did make it over to Taft Beach in Lincoln City.

Saturday morning we rose to bright and beautiful! With bright blue skies and a blue ocean, my blues were far, far away.

Just look at those little harbor seals smiling for the camera!

By the afternoon, the World’s Smallest Harbor had a bit of chilling aura, with gray skies and good old Oregon drizzle.

Personally I wouldn’t want to go out on the ocean in weather like this, but then again, it would beat being baked…

Then the next day came around.

Easter Morning, with its rays of sunshine at Taft Beach, reminded me once again of the freshness and the new Life Easter stands for.

It was chilly, but held the promise of a nice day. I like people watching by the way. These three friends came out to run on the firm packed sand and stopped to watch the harbor seals bobbing in the water. I see friends shaking hands, saying ‘how do you do?’ – what they’re really saying is, ‘I love you‘…

Here is Depoe Bay. This is it. Well, most of it anyway. It is not a big town. The day was still nice at this point. Refreshed, we walked through the neighborhood and into town, noting every sign for the upcoming “Crab Feed” plastered on every light post and telephone pole.

It stormed. What. A. Surprise. Not. But when the sun came out – ooohhh….

A rainbow! And over our neighborhood too! Actually, if you look closely, you can see that it is a double rainbow! Not wanting to be sent into the cove with the elusive pot of gold, I didn’t get as close to the edge as I wanted to. If I could have gotten just a little more northwest, I could have captured more of the rainbow. The rainbow wasn’t just an arch – it was three-quarters of a circle!

Leaving Depoe Bay by way of Lincoln City, I got to stop at the little D-River, a contender for world’s smallest river. Here it is folks. That’s just about an entire river right there.