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New England Fall Foliage – September

Autumn is the time to go New England to see the changing colors of maple, birch and other deciduous trees. During my visit the last days of September, from Massachusetts to New Hampshire to Maine and in between, the leaves and life were just being touched with the golden colors of fall.

Eagerly I had anticipated taking a canoe fall foliage tour with LL Bean Outdoor¬†Discovery School¬†while in New England. I mean for weeks I looked forward to seeing the fall colors of New England and in a canoe too! Sadly, my group decided against it because of all the greens. I felt like the Hane sisters in A White Christmas. You know the part where they can’t believe that Vermont, America’s Winter Playground, has no snow? Except for me, I could not believe the leaves were still green. Apparently you have to have a good frost for the colors to change to those green trees to the reds, oranges, yellows and golds I had been dreaming of seeing.

Even so, the end of September did have that late summer and early fall chill each evening, and the fireflies were nowhere to be found. The sun shone with a tiredness that shows after the long hard summer months of bright shining. The crisp but juicy apples my mom and I picked at Butternut Farm soothed our mouths’ wishes for fall food. And if you paid attention, pockets of bright flaming color dropped your jaw.

Here is a selection of photos from my trip! Enjoy!